Elephantito Mary Janes

Elephantito Mary Janes

A pair of Mary Janes come with all kinds of classic connotations: the quintessential, well-dressed American children; the perfectly coiffed ponytails; the wholesome crowd at baseball games and birthday parties. Well-crafted, comfortable, durable, but so feminine with its famous instep strap, Mary Janes have been a staple for little girls for as long as we can remember. 



Sometimes, however, classic styles need a dose of modern energy and values. Most little girls in the United States aren’t called Mary or Jane anymore. Richly diverse, our little superstars have names from all over the world: from Latin America, China, Ghana, Indonesia, France, Russia, and more. They wear Mary Janes to their robotics competitions or debate events or meetings of their service clubs. 



Elephantito has carried the aesthetic of the old Mary Jane into the new generation.  Our Mary Janes have durable, flexible soles, because we don’t expect little girls to stand by the sidelines when boys are wild at play.  Like all our shoes, our Mary Janes are lovingly made by expert shoe artisans. This timeless construction comes to life in metallics— gold and silver and a bronzy blush— and flamingo pinks, chili reds, and fierce patents. Bright outsoles, flower decals, leopard prints, suede peek-a-boo styles. We like to say our Mary Janes aren’t for plain Janes, after all.



Elephantito is all about new takes on old styles. There’s nothing better than continuity through change.  Our Mary Janes are available for babies, toddlers, kids, and tweens, because classic is more adaptable than you might think. 


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