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LOL Grey

LOL Grey

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  • Crafted using only premium leather;
  • Fully lined with natural sheepskin for softness, protection and absorption;
  • Outsole rubber soles are lightweight, lasting and flexible;
  • Insoles are constructed out of recycled leather sheet for support, with extra cushion, softness and absorption provided by a thick layer of Bontex wrapped in a fine layer of sheepskin;
  • Heel and toe are reinforced to protect children’s feet as they grow, making our shoes as durable as they are comfortable.

  You know the old saying, “You never truly know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes”?

  Quality-focused children’s brand Elephantito is breathing new life into this old adage with their Seriously Luxe sneakers collection. These delicately crafted, all-leather kicks ask you to reimagine this metaphor for empathy.

 What if the shoes you’re trying on for the first time aren’t just different than the ones you usually wear? What if they’re also different from each other? Yes, you read that right. Each foot is different from the other. Complimentary—but never identical.

 At Elephantito, we’re taking the idea of individuality to the next level. We believe that “being yourself” means being every part of yourself. And what better time is there than childhood for this kind of personality play? Seriously Luxe sneakers teach a major lesson: don’t reduce yourself to a single design. Rocking a butterfly on one foot and a tulip on the other is a great way to start celebrating your own originality.

 It’s also a great way to start celebrating the originality of others. We’re doubling down on our commitment to inclusivity by donating a percentage of the profits from the sale of this capsule collection to Act4Me, a local non-profit that helps children with neurological disorders and developmental delays get the therapy they need.  There’s nothing “mismatched” about anyone. That is a message we Seriously stand by.


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