Back to School with Elephantito: Living Lessons

Back to School with Elephantito: Living Lessons

The first week back to school is filled with mom-to-mom moments of sympathy and encouragement—in the carpool line, in the boardroom, in flurried emails over the summer reading that always seems to catch us by surprise. It’s a good thing we’re all in this together, because helping children transition from the care-free days of summer to the responsibilities of the school year is a major challenge.


In this same spirit of support, the two moms at the helm of Elephantito have a few tips for you that can make the growing pains a bit easier this semester—and much more stylish.


Back to school style is more than just a marketing ploy. It’s a chance for children to reevaluate who they are, what sort of colors and cuts  they like, and most importantly, how they want to represent themselves to classmates and teachers in the year ahead. It’s the sartorial version of a fresh-start. Consider back to school shopping a perfect opportunity to check in with your children about the ways they think they have grown and changed since their last September spree. If your child is moving towards different colors or silhouettes, ask them why. Are they feeling more grown up? Are they trying to put some silliness or brightness back into their life? We know from our own experience that children are more likely to show you than tell you how they are evolving.


This kind of “do” instead of “say” mentality is something we can pick up from our children. One of the hardest things to teach your children is responsibility—how to take pride in their work, to occasionally put aside today’s fun for tomorrow’s future.  Fashion is a way to help your children live this lesson, instead of just listening to it.


Use back to school shopping to teach your children to invest in quality clothes. Teach them that a dress or pair of pants should be more than pretty or cool: they should be well-made and made to last. Quality matters, in everything from math homework to the shoes on their feet. Knowing that much care has gone into their clothing will help them carry themselves with confidence. It will also help them become careful people, who are thoughtful about the choices they make, the money they spend, and whether the objects and even people in their life are there for a short time or a long time.


It doesn’t hurt, of course, that durable clothing means less tears, rips, and replacements. Well-made clothing is comfortable, too, a priority for the play time and freedom we all want our children to have.  

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