About Elephantito

Elephantito AboutElephantito is a luxury children’s-wear brand known for its elegant style and impeccable all-leather shoes.

Elephantito have been a key player in the high-end children’s market for almost two decades. Established in 2004 in the paradise island of Key Biscayne by Maria Frallicciardi designing and co-owner Alexandra Penso handling sales and finances.

In 2009  the company launched their on-line store www.elephantito.com to present Elephantito as a lifestyle brand.

In 2012 Elephantito opened a state-of-the-art shoe factory in Peru equipped with brand-new Italian machinery in the hands of well trained shoe artisans to take quality and style to new levels.

Elephantito clothes and shoes are proudly “Made in Peru”, a well-known country for the quality of their raw materials and qualified craftsmanship. Peru is also a “Socially Responsible” country where workers are protected by conscious laws and are entitled to social security.

Over the years, the business expanded to 10 countries and is now available at more than 130 multi-brand luxury boutiques, department and on-line stores.

ELEPHANTITO.COM is an online fashion retailer that offers access to the complete ELEPHANTITO collection. ELEPHANTITO and ELEPHANTITO.COM are registered brands of MGF Design Group – a Limited Liability Corporation registered in the state of Florida since 2004 and based in:

5825 Sunset Drive – Suite #305
South Miami, FL 33143
Tel. 1.888.776.9541