Elephantito Gives Back, "Celebrating Childhood: One Shoe at a Time"

Elephantito Gives Back, "Celebrating Childhood: One Shoe at a Time"

Philanthropy and giving back to the community is not just something important for us at Elephantito, it's part of the way we live. Coming together, supporting others and finding a way to help children in need, keeps us grounded. 

It is a value we instill in our children and that they have taken to heart, so much so that both of our co-founders' children -Andrea, Martin, Victoria and Marialex- came together to create a program called "Celebrating Childhood, One Shoe at a Time". This initiative donates brand new Elephantito shoes and clothing to kids in their hometown of Miami.

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Childhood is supposed to be a wonderful and magical time, and yet it's also so fragile. Not everyone has access to basic needs and so we wanted to do our part in order to give those children a little bit of happiness and to make a positive impact in their lives.

We believe that being a part of a community means having social consciousness and it's a principle we have weaved into our business from it's inception in 2004.

Since the "Celebrating Childhood: One Shoe at a Time" program launched in 2013, Andrea, Martin, Victoria and Marialex have led it's efforts, with the support of their parents. They spend a lot of time in the warehouse, they take inventory of the merchandise that will be donated, they select the specific pieces, packed them and give them to local charities. They are passionate about this work, as are we.

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