Fifteen Years Together

Fifteen Years Together

This summer, Elephantito celebrates its fifteenth anniversary. The branches of our family tree are always growing. From our fair-trade factory in Peru and our Miami offices to all the corners of the world explored by our clients, it’s been a decade and a half of well-loved shoes.
At Elephantito, celebrating our team really means celebrating our clients, because it’s your loyalty that keeps us going. So unwrap your gifts online, with anniversary promos and summer sales that just keep on coming.
Like all anniversaries, fifteen years together has a particular theme: Crystal. We think it’s fitting. For most, Crystal means fine, impeccably-crafted, fairy tale worthy products— and Elephantito covers all these bases, with our focus on elegant construction. But more importantly, Crystal is transparent, just like our own fair-trade, socially responsible business model.
Elephantito is all about the inside of our shoes: not just in regard to flexible soles and breathable lining, but also the chain of production and trained shoe artisans responsible for each one of our special pairs. What is behind an Elephantito shoe? Love, we say. Not simply for our clients, but for our employees, hard at work in our fair-trade factory in Peru, known for its socially-conscious labor laws. Our co-founders keep in daily contact with supervisors and make monthly visits to make certain that we are delivering on our promises of fair salaries, maternity leave, social security benefits, paid vacations, family wages, and more. Our leathers and fabrics are sourced naturally, too.
We care about every person, stitch, and scrap of leather involved. It should be crystal clear by now. Congratulations to us, to you, to our family far and wide for a decade and a half of timeless design.

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