Growing Up with Elephantito

Growing Up with Elephantito

From the start of Elephantito, we couldn’t have imagined a more perfect scenario. We were two women, passionate in the same way about quality clothing and ethical business, pouring over sample leathers and launching a factory in Peru, we were—and are—teammates united by something even greater than our ambitions: our two daughters. Marialex and Vicky, both the same age, classmates in our local school, and best friends since they were three years old. 


We knew early on they would be our muses. The well-made, comfortable, and stylish dresses, boots, and ballerina flats we were constantly seeking out for their closets became our mission statement. We watched them run outside and asked ourselves how to balance fashion and function. As they became tweens, we followed their changing style and designed head to toe outfits that were both age-appropriate and chic.

Using our imagination, hard work, and business sense to dress our daughters well will always be something we are proud of. At every birthday party, school play, or picnic, we smiled when we saw how our daughters stood out —not because their clothing was expensive or flashy, but because it was tasteful, timeless, and elegant.

Our girls looked loved. It is only now that they are getting older (teenagers!) that we understand how impactful that was for them. They carry themselves with a special confidence; they know how to invest their time and energy and make lasting choices. They also don’t compromise on their comfort and happiness for the sake of looking a certain way, because while wearing Elephantito, they had it all. 




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