Our baby shoes

Our baby shoes

At Elephantito, our work as designers is made meaningful by our experience as mothers. Every stitch, every silhouette, every insole is aligned with some part of the children we love. We make our shoes strong because we want our children to play big and dream bigger. We employ only the finest leathers because we want our children to know that, growing or not, they are worth every investment. 
Our baby shoes have blossomed out of some of our most precious mommy memories: our first few months as mothers, the quiet wonder we felt when we looked at our baby’s perfect hands, perfect feet. Tender, pink, delicate, but still somehow possessing this great capacity for strength. We thought to ourselves, “One day these little hands and feet will change the world.” As we watch our children mature, we feel that awareness more powerfully than ever. 
That’s why Elephantito baby shoes strike the perfect balance between fragility and strength.  So often we see babies who are beautifully dressed but have their feet bare or covered in a simple pair of socks. Hands and feet: these are the tools that will guide and carry your baby’s journey throughout life. Elephantito’s leather baby shoes, supple and carefully made, protect and honor these adventures to come. Mary Janes, sandals, booties, loafers, moccasins—all in soft, pliable leathers— are a signal to the world that your baby is going places.  

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