Sneek Peak Into The Minds Behind Elephantito

Sneek Peak Into The Minds Behind Elephantito

It is no secret that Elephantito is well known to be a luxury brand of amazing designs, quality, and comfort, but who is really behind the brand that in less than 10 years took over the world of children clothing?

Owners Maria Frallicciardi and Alexandra Penso, have taken over a 90% male dominated industry and have shown that mothers do know best.

You might wonder what is on the minds of these successful business women... well here it is!

Creative Director and Co-owner Maria Frallicciardi worked in International Marketing for over ten years, after recognizing that the children fashion industry was missing timeless styles and quality, Maria applied her Design studies to work on modernizing classic styles the way that even the best designers couldn't and started Elephantito.

Maria describes Elephantito as "a modern approach to the classics" and focus on stylish designs, executed with the highest quality materials that are both durable and comfortable.

6 years after starting Elephantito, CFO and Co-owner Alexandra Penso joined Maria in her journey and both of them together became a force to be reckon with.

Both owners focus on celebrating children by applying their motto "children should dress like children" and they are very proud that their customers don't follow trends and are connected to their values: aesthetics and quality materials worked in socially responsible countries under the best quality controls.

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Welcome to Elephantito, a luxury childrenswear brand known for tailored and wearable collections, top-quality fabrics, distinguished clothing, and impeccable all-leather shoes. Every step your child takes will be stylish and comfortable when they are dressed head to toe in our collections. Whether you are searching for clothing and shoes for your little one or upcoming baby showers and birthdays, you can find modern baby girl dresses and high-end kids’ shoes that will not disappoint.

Dress the little one in your life fashionably year-round when you shop Elephantito’s collection of luxury clothing and shoes for babies and toddlers. Here at Elephantito, we are known in the fashion industry for high-quality leather shoes and sandals for boys and girls. Our upscale, fine leather shoes are 100% real leather, so every step your child takes will be with polished. We do not stop there either because we have expanded to carry dapper boys’ clothing and classic girls’ clothing, so your child will look their best, whether they are going on a playdate or a family outing.

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