The Elephantito Fit: What to look for when buying kids shoes

The Elephantito Fit: What to look for when buying kids shoes

Buying shoes for our little ones can be a bit overwhelming. You're in the store and there are a lot of choices, not to mention your little one running around looking to try on anything in bright colors with his favorite super hero or princess. Not exactly what you had in mind for your daughters first communion or your sons Sunday best. Since we've been in your shoes, we thought we'd help you out with an Elephantito fit guide, something that comes in handy when buying your kids' shoes online. At Elephantito we believe in a modern approach to classic shoes. Our look is very distinct as is our fit. This is because we feel that classic and elegant looks don't have to be associated wth discomfort. Let's face it, our little ones won't wear shoes that aren't comfortable or that hurt their feet, no matter how adorable they are. That's why our shoes are made with their best interest in mind.  




Here are some things to keep in mind when buying:

The joys of online shopping

Let's face it shopping online is blissful. This is a normal day shopping with a toddler or two. You are in the shoe section of your favorite store. You know you want a pair of white Mary Jane's, but your daughter is exploring, as toddlers do. In this process she's found every bright color in the store and a pair of Little Mermaid jellies that she must have, never mind they are 3 times her size. As you try to explain this to her, your son is trying to climb a shoe rack. Not exactly a peaceful experience. If you know what you want and you use our tips on materials and fit, shopping at will solve this problem. 

What to look for

Elphantito Mary Janes in different colorsWhen shopping for kids shoes, keep in mind that their feet are developing and this will shape the way they walk and their posture in the future. It's very important to get high quality shoes from the beginning. Fit, comfort and materials are even more important than style. Find brands that marry these elements with the design of the shoe, like we do.

Getting the right fit

No matter where you buy shoes, it's very important to look at the size chart. It's also very important to know how to measure your child's feet. This will help you make the right choice when it comes to sizing.

Elephantito shoes size guide

 Here are our tips:

  • With the exception of babies, the child must stand. Put his foot on a sheet of paper and make sure that his toes are well spread.
  • Draw a line in front of the longer toe and one behind the heel.
  • Measure the distance between the lines and find the corresponding size on the table above.



Understanding materials and design

Both the material used to make the shoe, as well as the design of the shoe are of utmost important. At Elephantito we consider the stage of the child when designing the shoes. 

baby Mary Jane PinkBaby Shoes are made out of highly smooth leather. Their linings are made of the best sheepskin. Our designs accommodate perfectly to the babies’ feet anatomy due to the delicate soft materials being utilized. This range of products is aimed at babies from 3 months to 12 months approximately.

Driver loafer apacheFirst Steps are specially designed to offer security and confidence during those first steps. These shoes go through a special manufacturing process which gives the leather the texture of a glove. Offered in a high and low heel style, sheepskin lining, adequate weight and Thomas heels, non-slid rubber sole, that will give children stability and balance when taking their first steps. Made for children between 9 months and 2 ½ years old approximately. 

Golfer Navy and WhiteChildren Shoes are also manufactured through a special technique that gives the leather a glove texture. Sheepskin linings, non-slid rubber soles and Thomas heels. The reinforced toe and heel piece will allow children to have more strength and security during their daily activities. Made for children between 1 ½ and 10 or 12 years old approximately.

 All of our shoes are designed and handcrafted at our factory in Peru with the best materials, design and love, to make sure you and your child enjoy them.








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