What does classic mean to us?

What does classic mean to us?

We don’t have to tell you that love is all about the little things.

If you’re reading our Elephantito blog, it’s a pretty safe bet that you have one or two little ones in your life whose happiness matters to you.  The few extra minutes you spend looking for the brightest gift-wrapping paper, the small piece of hard candy you remember to bring home—these miniscule moments are day-making for boys and girls alike.  The same is true for adults, too. A handwritten note. A well-timed smile. When it comes to joy, we’re all a little simpler than we suspect.

The ethos of Elephantito is “A Modern Approach to Classics.” What does classic mean to us? It’s a vision of style where the little details always win out over fads and trends. Finely crafted leather, neat stiches, clean silhouettes, and gentle sheepskin lining—these things are lasting because they take a lot of love, and no force in the world is more permanent.

 At Elephantito, we are hyper-focused on details because we love what we do. We love our clients too.  This love takes the form of long hours and hands-on involvement on every level of the production process. We own our own fair-trade factory and take the time recruit our own special shoe artisans, overseeing every snip and stitch. We inspect your future shoes before they’re distributed, making sure every sole is flexible, and every insole cushioned. We like to joke that from the moment an Elephantito shoe is begun, and until it is safely delivered into our clients’ hands, it knows a mother’s worry.

Give the little ones you love a product that has been lovingly made. It’s as simple as that.


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