What does festive really mean?

What does festive really mean?

Every year, when the time comes to rethink and reinspire our holiday collection, we start by asking ourselves, what does festive really mean? This year, more than ever before, we’ve found festivity in the little things: not just the massive Christmas tree in the park, but the special, single ornament that catches our eye. The delicate smell of our favorite holiday candle over the huge display of lights at our local mall. Not the presents, but the glittering bows on top, the perfectly creased paper.
Translating this view of festivity in the finer details into our aesthetic was no big deal. That’s because our motto, “A modern approach to classics,” does just this, making a sensibility come to life in little moments where the classic and the contemporary finally come together. Holiday attire is not about over-the-top colors and prints. It’s about highlighting the faces and features of the kids you love—not distracting from them— and including something in their outfit that reminds them this is a time for magic, happiness, and a little sparkle.  The right holiday outfit reminds you of all the holidays that have come before, for you and the family you were born into, and all the holidays that are to come, for the family you have made. It's joyous, but also timeless.
With our beautifully constructed leather and our famously flexible soles, we decided that festivity this year would start from the bottom up, in Elephantito footwear.  Shoes are the ideal celebratory note to make any smart outfit holiday-dinner-ready. When it comes to Elephantito, they’re also an opportunity to start the new year with your child’s most comfortably clad foot forward. Metallic shoes, like ballerina flats, slippers, and Mary Janes, add some high-end shine to any look. Patent leather shoes and boots— in red, gold, or sleek black—  do the same. Hand made driver loafers or shined booties turn your little boy into a gentleman right in time for New Year’s Eve. For our extra cool kids, super luxe sneakers can give a cheerful edge to any traditional outfit.  The options at Elephantito are never ending: gold slip-ons, glitter Rockstar high-tops, suede and metallic baby shoes, scalloped baby booties, bright moccasins, and classic golfer shoes.
Paired with our delicately made dresses, skirts, trousers, and dress shirts, they’re a must-need for any holiday head-to-toe look. They’re the little thing that makes all the difference.

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