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Scholar Boy Velcro Blue

Scholar Boy Velcro Blue

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Get your kid ready for school with these sophisticated and comfortable shoes. The padded tongue and collar, along with the hook and loop closure, provide both comfort and protection.

Crafted with only premium leather, these shoes have a smooth leather lining and footbed for a great in-shoe feel. The shoes are fully lined with natural sheepskin, providing softness, protection, and absorption for growing feet. The outsole rubber soles are lightweight, lasting, and flexible, offering ample support and grip for active children.

The insoles of these shoes are made of recycled leather sheets for support, with an extra layer of cushion, softness, and absorption provided by a thick layer of Bontex wrapped in a fine layer of soft natural leather. This innovative design ensures that the shoe is both supportive and comfortable for growing feet.

To protect children's growing feet, the heel and toe of these shoes are reinforced, making them as durable as they are comfortable. Overall, these shoes are an excellent investment for any parent who wants high-quality footwear for their child.

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